When Is It Time for a Break?

Quick Refresher

As of this morning, I am in my final three-week push for completing requirements for my graduate studies. As I started reflecting, I realized that with the completion of my Bachelor’s and fast-tracking immediately into my Master’s has led to over a year and a half of straight studies. My longest break during that period has been a week between terms. Okay, Okay. That may not be much for some of you, but considering I had been over twenty years removed from completing my first degree, the commitment has been intense at times. End of the story, while I am not sure how to adjust to the sudden cessation of coursework, I must admit a desire for a bit of a break.

This got me to think about those of you out there who are fortunate enough to make a living by doing what we love–writing. Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with the daily ritual of writing? Does it ever become so monotonous that you wish for a break?

A few weeks ago we talked about a short change in scenery as a technique to keep the creative juices flowing. Is that effective to deter any feelings of pending burnout? Does anyone simply take a day or two off from writing to refresh and rejuvenate? To further that point, has anyone considered even a regular routine of taking a brief break as a preventative toward your life’s passion suddenly changing to a mundane task? Is that even possible?

The Hiatus

You hear the growing footsteps of burnout pounding on your door. Do you buckle down and trudge through or bite the bullet and take a long hiatus from your passion?

I would be inclined to think that a brief hiatus would prove beneficial at times. This could be healthy for you mentally and maybe emotionally but also beneficial to your writing by getting you in a better mindset. Let’s not forget the potential to even take notes and inspiration from anything and everything you come in contact with during the hiatus. In other words, vary the routine. Instead of fulfilling your daily word requirements, take a slightly longer break, vacation if you will, where you take occasional notes and truly enjoy your surroundings.

This is pure speculation from my point of view as I have not reached this point in my career–nor have I reached the nirvana of making a living from my writing but that’s another point entirely. The theory here seems valid enough, what are your thoughts? Experiences? Drop me an email, comment below or even on my social media accounts.

At the end of the day, stay inspired. You don’t want to be swallowed by the Chaos.

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