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What now?!?

What now?!?

The ball is in your court this week. I want to hear your shout-outs, frustration, and solutions.

What do you do when you run nose first in a large wall?

You have pages and pages of good draft behind you but suddenly the ebbing flow of script dries up. You try to switch into 4-wheel low and plow through but no matter how much time you spend, you see no discernable progress.

I have had success with stepping away from the draft for a while. Then when I return it is with a fresh mine and eyes.

The next method I honestly am scared to use at times. I step away from the difficult draft and work on a brand new project. If I am blocked in the middle of a novel, I’ll start a short-story. Why does this method scare me? I’m always afraid that I will lose the voice and contact with the characters in the piece I am sitting aside. Surprising this has yet to happen and this technique has been effective but still scary.

So what say you? Are you an anomaly who has yet to suffer from the writer’s block disease? Those who are experienced with this malady, how have you recovered or fought the beast?

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