Turning the Page

It has been an eventful summer. As most of you know, I had my first short story published. If you haven’t read it yet, head over to Burnt Pine Magazine for “Evacuation”.

I must admit it is interesting as a writer to be able to see my own development through this short story. I submitted this piece early in the year. As I read this published piece, it was obvious  how far my writing has come leading up to my current novel project for my thesis. My mind couldn’t help but make mental notes of areas that I could tighten up. I take that as a sign that I am developing as a writer.

I completed another term of graduate school yesterday leaving one term to go. That’s right, I said one term left. This has honestly been a whirlwind. This is an off week between terms and I feel as I am going into withdrawals. I have not had a break longer than two weeks in almost two years. After going through the anxiety of returning to school after such a long hiatus, I am not sure now I will be able to know how not to go to school.

My thesis. I haven’t been as excited about a project like this in a long time. The words keep flowing and I’m enjoying every minute of it. This one is similar to Evacuation in its origin. It sprang from a random thought. Some of my writing goes through a planning stage where I try to outline and character sketch, etc. This piece grew backwards so to speak. I had an idea, wrote several scenes, then began the organization process. A process that has still not followed any conventional style or course. The reception at each stage thus far has been positive. I thank everyone who has been a guinea pig up to this point and the feedback I have been getting. That’s about all I will say at this point, because I still need to complete it for graduation in September. I will leave you with this thought, stayed tuned later in the year. There may be some further reveals of the narrative.

My website has gone through an over-haul as well. Their are more interactive menus and connections to my social media (look me up and connect with me on these other platforms) and more changes to come down the road. Two features I want to point out are the box on the home page to sign up for blog updates (it’s down the right hand side of the screen). I know the last couple of months have been sparse, but I am trying to make a renewed commitment to my original posting schedule. If you sign up for those updates, you’ll get an email anytime I post an update to the site.

Second, there is a separate sign-up page for The Chaos Consortium Newsletter. This list is separate from the blog update list. Joining the site will add your name to our mailing list. In the future, we will be sending out newsletters with updates on publications, contests, beta reading opportunities, and just general news about me and The Chaos Consortium. Disclaimer: feel confident, I take your participation seriously and The Chaos Consortium will never sell your email address to a third-party and you can unsubscribe at any time through the same link.

The immediate future is finding me continuing to draft away at my novel for thesis, preparing to begin my final ten weeks next Monday. I am also trying to work on more short stories and other pieces for future publications. Stick around, stay tuned, sign up, and keep an eye on The Chaos Consortium. Big things are happening as we are turning the page on a new Chapter.

No matter how great the Chaos, there is always a path through, if you are patient enough to seek it.

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