Standing Desks, Savior of the Universe?

No, this isn’t what I’m talking about. Using a standing desk does not mean standing bent over your desk or counter working. There are actual desk with a taller work surface designed for the user to stand behind and still have their laptop, papers, whatever at the appropriate working height.

If you believe the current articles and studies including the one I read recently from Draft2Digital, working while at a standing desk is not only healthier for you but also conducive to greater creativity. What? Greater creativity, will this be the new secret of success for writers the world over?

Not so fast. Let me venture forth for a bit from the perspective of experience. I have used a form of standing desk at work. I will admit, there were times when the change in posture was refreshing. Taking a break from sitting for prolonged periods of time–giving the old butt a break. I’m not going to go so far as to say I was more creative, but I will entertain the possibility that the change in position created a more alert state. This could contribute to greater productivity at least on the temporary level.

The key words here are change and temporary. There were just as many occasions when working at the standing table got old. I needed another change in position which sitting at a conventional desk addressed. Guess what? This change in position brought an increased state of alertness which may have contributed to at least another temporary increase in productivity. Not unlike the recommendations to get up from your desk at intervals to take a walk around the office, or stretch, or just to change position to increase alertness.

Does this mean I am anti standing desk? Absolutely not. It means I am pro moderation. This isn’t some earth-shattering news.  It is a concept that applies to every aspect of our lives. Too much of anything is not good. Can using a standing desk be beneficial? Probably, but using that standing desk all the time, I believe will eventually lead to the same issues a conventional desk is causing for most people now.

Compromise time. What about a mechanical desk that allows you to vary the height from conventional to standing. Then you can have the best of both worlds with the convenience of moderation. Of course, I will also admit, I lean toward the stingy side of the universe. Why invest money on another desk when I can simply just get up, take a break, go for a walk, do something else for a bit, then return to write. The fresh air, change of atmosphere, variety of activity may spark more creativity than a standing desk ever could. The odds are greater you will find inspiration around the corner not sitting on top of that desk waiting on you to spot it.

Keep in mind, these are only my opinions. And we all know, I live in a world of Chaos. Make up your own mind. Do what you think is right. And feel free to give us a shout-out and let us know where you stand on the debate.

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