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Out With the Old

Out With the Old

For those of you close to the inner circle, the prolonged downtime is of no surprise, as 2020 started our family on a journey that reached its zenith in the year 2022. I attempted to be as active on here and in the writing circles as possible but accomplished a sporadic presence at best. I can officially say now that I am leaving 2022 literally as a new man, a new creation following three major surgeries. I have put my fiction writing to the side for the moment as I concentrate on telling the story of my family’s journey over the past two years. With the feedback we have received, it has become evident that this is the story most want to see at this stage. The words are being crafted diligently, and we hope to find a release date sometime in 2023, but as always, only time will tell.

As always, to those who have remained faithful, accept our greatest gratitude. To our new followers, hold on to your seats, 2023 is going to make 2022 look like a cake walk.

Welcome to the Chaos.

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