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About Me
Lifelong Storyteller

Lifelong Storyteller

Howard Shipley is an author from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. His works are psychological thrillers taking frequent strolls through the macabre. He takes inspiration from a lifetime traveling in the Southern Appalachian Mountains and interacting with its people.

This interaction has developed into a passionate drive to show the other side of characters. It is easy to condemn evil based on hearsay or stereotypes. It is much more difficult to look beneath the surface at the human in the core and examine the events or interactions which caused them to choose a different path.

He now searches for inspiration along the Nature Coast of Florida. Working to push the boundaries of his craft even further. His works can be found published in Burnt Pine Magazine.

Howard now calls Florida home as he experiences new adventures with his family. Connect with the author through this website or social media.

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