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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk


Let’s begin this week with a series of questions. We are all individuals. As such we generally respond and react differently. So I am curious this week what works for you. How do you stay on task? What kind of goals do you set?

Do you start a project and work to completion? This individual will have a primary drive of beginning a project whether it be short story, poem, or longer piece of work. The blinders then go on preventing any straying until that finish line is crossed. Perhaps this goal is taken to the next level by adding a time frame of completion. If this is the objective, how do you manage your time to meet the imposed deadline?

Then again, it may be more basic and be set as a daily goal. You set a certain amount of time for writing each day or a certain word count to be reached each day. I try to adhere to a minimum amount of words each day. Of course, the discipline is not always there, but the attempt is made. Many days I find myself in the zone so to speak and will exceed the word limit, but there are also those days where the words elude me and I fail to meet expectations. I don’t beat myself up too bad because these days will average out to continued progress toward the completed work.

What other options and goals are there that I have failed to mention? What works for you?

Give me your thoughts, your input, your ideas. Let’s share in this chaos to make each other a better writer.


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