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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk

Red Leader standing by.

All Star Wars fans get the reference. Needless to say, I am overdue for an installment having went radio silent last week. We have had quite a bit transpiring at the Shipley household. Most of the events will have to remain in the background for the foreseeable future. I did not want another week to go by without at least attempting a post.

This can lead us to a topic of overload. That is exactly how it has felt with so much going on. At times, it feels like too much information and risk of meltdown. Do you experience this same feeling ever in your writing? Either the ideas flow so rapidly that you are in dire fear of forgetting them before you can get them on paper or the Chaos is so great that you can’t see the trees for forest. (Yes, that was intentional.)

This brings us back full circle to a topic we have touched on multiple times in the past: organization. How do we sort twists, turns, and piles of ideas into some sort of uniformity to enable us to get the draft on paper? Of course, the answer lies within you and with no one else. We all have our own style, our own idiosyncrasies, our own way of managing things. We have to figure out what is going to work for us and the best way to accomplish this is through trial and error. What is our take away here? Get out there and do it. We can’t sit back and try to troubleshoot this in a theoretical application. We have to put the soles to the pavement, the pens to the paper and work it out.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Bring the Chaos and we’ll work through it together.

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