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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk


For most of you, when you here the word change this time of year, the most likely thought that comes to mind is the changing season. Summer relinquishes its hold on the weather and Fall creeps in to cool things down. Leaves change color. People’s overall demeanor seems to change.

At least for most of the country. I have looked at several memes since moving to Florida that equate Fall in Florida to Summer with Pumpkin Spice. So far that has been an accurate depiction. Regardless of the weather, the changing season still brings certain sought after images for most. Football, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and of course Pumpkin Spice. Anyone who really knows me has to acknowledge my fondness of Halloween and desire to watch spooky movies. However, I tend to watch them year round so it is not simply a Fall thing and I’ll partake of the good old Pumpkin Spice anytime I can get it. Whose idea was it to limit it to the Fall season anyway?

What are your traditions? What do you look forward to? Does the changing season put you in certain moods? Maybe most importantly as a writer, do you find yourself inspired in different ways?

Send your thoughts, comments? Or just add to the chaos?

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