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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk

The Unexpected

I recently had the question posed about how do I handle changes in routine. Or more precisely, how do I handle the unexpected? 

This started me down a tangent path. I realized that an underlying theme of many of my weekly ramblings had been my effort at returning to routine. The problem with this is the realization that my only routine is not having a routine. Two days is usually the most I can follow a script before something else happens causing a change. I have to call an audible just to get through the day. This leads to the development of a new normal or new routine. My wife will be happy (or maybe not so happy) to tell you that these days also are marked by me being consumed with thoughts about how to reschedule life in order to get back on routine. 

Did you catch that? Reschedule life. An impossible task. In reality, you cannot reschedule life. Ready or not, here it comes. It will keep coming regardless of how you are handling it. You must pick yourself up and carry on, juke to the left or right, leap over the obstacle, or simple meet the bull head on. How you decide to respond is irrelevant. What matters is the fact that you must respond. That response begins with the acknowledgement that there is no, has never been, and will never be routine. It doesn’t exist. It is a fallacy. 

Own it. Accept it. Greet it. All we have in store is Chaos.

Speaking of Chaos. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Bring them. We invite them. It is always Chaotic here.

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