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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk

I must first apologize for the delay this week as I have attempted to return to a regular posting schedule in addition to a regular writing schedule. However, I find myself behind due to an impromptu Labor Day trip. Today, I am trying to remedy my lax and play catchup. All has not been in vain as the basis for this week’s post transpired during this trip.



Do you have patience in your writing or do you tend to force it?

As I sat on the beach recently watching my youngest son explore his new found hobby of surfing, this thought would not leave my mind.

When most people think of surfing their mind is instantly drawn to things like balance, breathing, core strength, etc. However, while those things are extremely important to that craft, of equal importance is patience. This is most evident in wave selection. The ocean can be a finicky beast. Master’s of the craft are true masters because they have learned to not only read the swells but to be patient in their set selection. Choose the wrong one and you will be disappointed. Try to ride each one and you may find similar disappointment. This lack of patience has led many to chase the wave while looking back to see that perfect set break where they were waiting just moments before. Demonstration of patience, however, can lead to dropping into the perfect beast and hanging on for the ride of your life. Patience.

This trait contributes to excellence in any craft. 

Again, I pose the question. Do you wait patiently for the characters to reveal themselves to you, for the setting to show itself, for the action to develop, for the ending to reveal its connection to the beginning? Or do you demonstrate impatience while forcing each of these aspects of your writing? Those who show patience finish a finely crafted work that stands the test of time. On the flip side, those who deliver their piece with force may get lost in the edits and rejection.

Thoughts? Comments? Critiques? Bring it and add it to the Chaos. We welcome it as always.

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