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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk


This is a question I get quite a bit. Why do I write some of the things I write? Admittedly, they are not everyone’s cup of tea and tend to make some feel uncomfortable. The simple answer is that this stuff is inside of me and I have to let it out or risk exploding.  To a large degree this is true. Sometimes, ideas, thoughts, characters, whole story lines will haunt me until they have been put on paper. Then there are those that must be elaborated on even after being expressed.

The much longer answer, however, is that I truly believe everyone has a story. Each person you come in contact with daily no matter whether you like them, love them, hate them, despise them, or any other feelings has a backstory that is worthy to be heard. Each time I sit down to massage the keys of my desktop it is my greatest desire and intention to create a character that mimics someone with just such a backstory. Regardless of whether that character is good or evil, I want the reader to find interest in that character. I want them to be able to resist putting the story away until they learn more. Most important to me is to awaken a compassion for that character. See beyond the surface. Learn why they are the way they are. Why they talk a certain way. Why they have a certain tick. Why they interact this way or avoid interaction all together. 

The bottom line is everyone is a human being. If you can learn to see this in a fictional character of a book and overlook any traits that may be considered undesirable  or unattractive, then how much easier will it be for you to do the same to those actual beings, people, you come in contact with during your daily lives?

Everything has the potential of being a learning experience. It is time with learn how to identify, interact, and respect humanity no matter what shape, size, package, etc that it comes in.

Comments? Thoughts? Bring the Chaos, as always, we welcome it.

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