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From the Writer’s Desk

Good Monday morning!! Where are you finding yourself this morning?

I am finding my groove once again. Kids are settling back into school. My fingers are beginning to regain their nimbleness on the keys at my computer. My brain is increasingly wandering/lingering on the latest novel which is taking up more space on the hard drive and in the cloud. This is a good problem to have, but there is still more dust to knock off. While the routine is beginning to awaken, it is not a fluid as I would like it to be.

Does anyone ever find themselves where they want to be? I am not talking about a philosophical debate here. In its purest form as it relates to writing, can you reach a happy medium where you are putting a satisfactory amount of words on paper? Do we or should we push ourselves to reach a higher limit, a higher word count? Is there a right answer? Or is this the unanswerable question?

Thoughts? Comments? Add to the chaos. We always look forward to it.

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