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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk


On this Monday morning, let’s talk marketing. Like many of you, I have been consumed with the writing, editing, publishing(querying, indie, whatever) phase. What about the next phase? Marketing.

I had slipped into the false conception that it would be easy sailing once I had reached the published phase. I could drop that novel on cruise control and return to the other projects on the board.

Wrong. There is no cruise control. It can be another full-time job keeping the novel going and gaining exposure while continuing to build your author brand, whether on social media, private websites, or both.

Where’s the balance? At this point, you are marketing, writing/editing, and blogging/social media. How many hours are there in a day again? Not enough, that’s how many. Those are just the writing obligations. What about a day job, family, school? Who needs sleep anyway, right?

Just food for thought. Reach out let us know how you find balance. Tricks, tips. Post, email, comment on social media. We want to hear your thoughts.

Add to the chaos; it’s always free.

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