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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk


How do you begin? I am curious was your system or method is for writing. Do you have a scheduled time to write? Are you up before anyone else in your household to draft words to paper or do you wait until everyone is down for the night to begin? Is caution thrown to the wind and you just write when you see fit to? This last option is the most dangerous for me. It becomes too easy to procrastinate and watch days grow into weeks with no progress on the page. I try most often to sit down in front of the PC every morning. I have found that the more I get into this routine, the easier the words begin to flow each day.

How much time do you spend? Do you have a timer so to speak and spend X amount of minutes/hours each session? Is there a particular word count you aim for each day? Or again, do you simply write as long as you can keep up the rhythm? I typically have a minimum word count I am shooting for but find that with routine, I exceed this sometimes substantially.

The key I believe is the routine part. Whatever method works for you, it is critical to start it and stick with it. This becomes the secret to productivity.

What do you think? Comments, thoughts? Let’s hear them?

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