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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk

The Switch

A curiosity for this Thanksgiving week. What flips your switch? Does it flip?

I am not talking about flipping your switch in relation to anger or other emotion. It is no secret that over the past several weeks I have been struggling to get back into routine and essentially get back to writing. Suddenly over the past few days I have found myself churning the words again. Regardless of the quality of these first drafts, the words have been flowing at such a rate that I have not wanted to step away from the desk. I have been getting up early and writing late. This is a feeling and a flow that has been absent from my routine for quite sometime. 

I am not complaining, as this is exactly what I have been after. It has made me curious, however, if any others have experienced this or may even be going through it now.

Chime in. Leave your comments. Relate your experiences. Share in the chaos.

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