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From the Writer's Desk
From the Writer’s Desk

From the Writer’s Desk


Which side of this equation have you been on? A chance encounter occurs between total strangers. Neither have any idea about the other and until this very moment never knew the other existed. Whether from body language or the sound of the other’s voice, assumptions are instantly made about by each one. The remainder of the conversation takes a downhill slide until the possibility of a constructive conversation no longer exists and the heat of the altercation continues to rise.

A chance encounter decays into destruction based solely on assumptions. This happens not only with other individuals. We allow these assumptions to bleed into other aspects of our life. In doing so, we rob ourselves of opportunities whether it is failing to develop a new relationship, avoiding the opportunity to read a good book, missing out on an adventure, etc. We can also affect others by spreading our prejudices on to them or failing to provide a much needed conversation that they have been craving.

The existence of these assumptions are so prevalent that when placed within the confines of the pages of a novel create such a believable world that fantasy ceases and reality begins. While the skillful wordsmith takes full advantage of this, it is important to use caution in our real interactions. Work daily on killing the assumptions and treating people like the individuals they are.

Thoughts, comments, ideas? Add to the Chaos. The journey is a great one.

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