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Every little leaguer, potential MLB star, or simply destined to be a legend in your own mind on your way home from the weekly trek to the diamond constantly dreams reaching that big stage. They may already develop a very early game ( we are not going to debate the semantics of this at this stage.) Regardless, any of these same people will check at least one goal on their list.

Is this supposedly the beginning to some profound statement on the like? Absolutely, not unless that is what you want is to explore change in your own mind.

What is the relevancy then?

Most know that I have struggled over the last year with making enough time to invest in my writing, starting a new job created a stronger time drain. This drain forced several difficult decisions to be made made.

That sounds great doesn’t it? An explanation comprised of excuse, resume, and time-table. The should be ironclad evident to promote leaving from my from the craft. Case Closed.

What is the single most common attribute on each of the ball-players? Fastball. Every child could relay on multiple occasions having dreams or visions of blasting the pitchers bets Fastball right back toward the pitchers and rising enough to carry is in the jetstream over the center field wall and adding another score on the board. The issue is that the pitch that ends up most often in hit the least with could contact. the Screwball.

What about the writers? Time. my time calculation was processed incorrectly. It is not that there is not enough time. The time becomes the victim of poor management. In my case it was likely not necessary that I give up on coaching but instead that I make a conscious effort to put in the time that I need each day or way to say productive within my goals.

My most recent sit back has been with a degenerative hip requiring replacement. A surgery which cannot be performed at the time due to location of a hip abscess which has strictly limited ROM. WB. and mobility. Not to mention keeping me from some of the most beautiful interesting scenery I trek to to find inspiration.

Again, this may sound like a good excuse, but I continue to work through it. Looking to stay on task and get more creative.

Chaos will never lay down though who can certainly overcome it.

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