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Back on Track

Just a brief update. A couple years ago as I was completing my MA, I was challenged by a fellow student (you know who you are) to just start submitting and keep submitting. That has never left my head though I slacked quite a bit on the task last year. I am glad to say that I am back on […]


To say that 2020 was a problematic year for most of us is a dramatic understatement. While each individual and family endured their own unique aspects, mine was no exception. We went through many ups and downs, some of which even gave us question whether we would make it out alive. Instead of dwelling on the negative, we have looked […]

What now?!?

The ball is in your court this week. I want to hear your shout-outs, frustration, and solutions. What do you do when you run nose first in a large wall? You have pages and pages of good draft behind you but suddenly the ebbing flow of script dries up. You try to switch into 4-wheel low and plow through but […]


Always keep a camera with you. We were driving down the road when we came upon this house. This single picture says so much and I would have missed it without our camera. I know I could have used my cell, but my DSLR produces much better pics. Don’t discount the cell though. I use the voice recorder on it […]