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What now?!?

The ball is in your court this week. I want to hear your shout-outs, frustration, and solutions. What do you do when you run nose first in a large wall? You have pages and pages of good draft behind you but suddenly the ebbing flow of script dries up. You try to switch into 4-wheel low and plow through but […]


Always keep a camera with you. We were driving down the road when we came upon this house. This single picture says so much and I would have missed it without our camera. I know I could have used my cell, but my DSLR produces much better pics. Don’t discount the cell though. I use the voice recorder on it […]

Lifelong Storyteller

Howard Shipley is an author from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. His works are psychological thrillers taking frequent strolls through the macabre. He takes inspiration from a lifetime traveling in the Southern Appalachian Mountains and interacting with its people. This interaction has developed into a passionate drive to show the other side of characters. It is easy to […]