Wordsmithing is the craft. I suppose I am more interested this week in where the motivation, the inspiration, the drive for creativity comes from.

Is it simply spontaneous? Do you drive down the road, enter a room, see a picture and suddenly the outline of a story begins to unfold in the air around you?

Is it calculated, in other words, do you intentionally search for it? Do you actively interview people looking for tidbits and snippets of stories that will with spark that flame of creativity?

Do you use prompts–whether gleaned from a book of prompts or given by a prospective publisher for a topic or idea they are looking for?

Do you have some other unique way I have overlooked or not encountered in my young career yet?

I have already admitted to drawing much inspiration from my family, particularly my boys. I have to admit to finding just as equally inspiration randomly lying along side the road. I’ll see a certain image–maybe a gnarled tree standing alone as sentinel in a pasture beside the road–or a sound that makes me question what could have created it. Oft times very rapidly from this point, the ideas are flowing faster than I can jot them in my notebook. Suddenly and without thinking, the skeleton is formed–now to return to craft the muscles and sinews before wrapping it in the skin of finality.

What are your techniques for harvesting the Chaos into a finally crafted masterpiece?

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