Brain Dead

Nearing the End

Okay, it is confession time. This week has found me working on not only my thesis submission but also the final for the second course I am taking this term as well. While both assignments are finished–the second part of both finals await my attention this week–my brain feels crushed and deflated. The picture above has become a true representation of my current state of mind. Aged, cracked, dry, feeling as if I am in a desolate land.

Okay, so maybe I’m laying it on a bit thick, but honestly thinking about my blog post this week while pre-consumed with both major assignments created some synaptic misfires at times. I have felt like I am beating my head against the proverbial wall looking for topics for this week’s post. And yes, I know,  you type AA personalities who were scoffing at last week’s post and touting your perpetual uber-preparedness plans are scolding me for not planning ahead and having a blog post waiting in the wings already.

Seriously Though

I mean I’m a realist here. Surely those super prepared advanced planners are not the majority. What about the rest of us. Do any of you really have one, two, three, or maybe even more blog posts pre-written for just such occasions? I know I have read the guidebooks, and the suggestions are always given not to go live until you have completed a backlog of posts to keep you a week or two ahead of the game. Just call me a slow learner.

Where do all those post ideas come from? I know I  wrote a few weeks ago about finding inspiration. I was mostly talking about fictional prose at that point. You know short stories, novellas, novels, etc. I had been considering blog posts a different breed. Has that been my mistake? Do they fall under the same rules?

I peruse several blogs and must admit there are weeks when I have found it interesting how similar some blog entries are to one another. My curiosity has peeked even more when I notice that some of the entries are recycled from prior posts. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with resurrecting prior blog posts. What I find interesting is how some posts turn up coincidentally at the same time another blog has made a post on the same or similar topic.


Then we get to the meat of it. Are we really in competition with one another or do we share the same goals. From my perspective, I believe the goals are the same. We want to nurture stronger writers.

Blogs are written by those with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and credentials. I believe there is a place for each one. I know as I continue to study blogs for information, sometimes I might read two different blogs on identical topics yet glean more from one over the other. Not surprising on the surface but sometimes the blog I learn the most from is written by a less experienced author. The difference is that the author is closer to my current level and presents the same information but in a way, I better relate to. On the flip side, that more experienced author seasons their blog with experiences I can only dream of at this point. I learn a completely different skillset from the experiences of those who have gone on before me.

In all fairness, I believe I just spent five-hundred words to tell you that I struggled to find a topic to talk about this week. Chalk it up to getting lost in the Chaos. The good news is this is my final week of graduate school. The bad news is, this excuse won’t work anymore. Stay tuned, keep reading. Always make time to write and don’t get lost in the Chaos.