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Deja Vu?

No this is not a random repeat of the topic I visited a few weeks ago. It is more a continuation of my theme of chasing tangents–squirrel hunting as I have heard it called.

The previous installment centered on where we find inspiration for our craft. Where do your ideas come from?

Some of you know that as I have begun to tap into my own creative side again, I have also attempted to encourage the same within my children. The emphasis has been on getting out of our comfort zones. Step outside the box and challenge ourselves by taking risk. The objective is to realize not only our maximum potential but to encourage taking risks to reach our dreams instead of playing it safe.

Enter the Vlog

As I established this blog, I had always considered beginning a vlog to coincide with it–even a podcast eventually but that is for another time. While I laid the framework, I just hadn’t figured out how the vlog would actually fit in with my current site.

During this process, my family also made a return to nature and got back into camping, hiking, and even backpacking on a regular basis. This can be challenging with kids. The challenge not necessarily in keeping them active but keeping them interested. It can be difficult to draw them away from their video games. Then the revelation came. How to combine their interests with our own–the vlog.

When they are not immersed in video games they tend to gravitate toward a collection of various vlogs they enjoy watching. This is not so very different from myself. I enjoy frequent vlogs covering topics from writing, to video production, to backpacking and camping. Why not start our vlog with the kids taking an active role?


The kids have jumped in with both feet–most of them anyway. The opportunity to vlog heightens their interest in participating in the backpacking trips. We get to enjoy more quality time with our kids. We keep with our theme of inspiring our kids to step outside their comfort zones while nurturing their own interests in the process.

Each of the kids have differing skill-sets and we let them flex their creative muscles. Some are more comfortable in front of the camera and drive the boat so to speak. Others take a more active role behind the camera with editing while others try to steer clear of the camera but contribute in a creative role with ideas.

So … What’s the Point?

Have I captured your attention this week to explore the intricacies of our vlog? No, not really. During this development process it occurred to me that I missed an important point in my earlier post on inspiration. The tone of that article was single sided. The attitude of what can I get out of this prevailed. In other words, where can I–can we–draw inspiration?

In reality, it is a two-way street. Not only are we drawing inspiration from those around us but we are also inspiring them. That can be a sobering thought.

I have brought us here to consider two important points. Who are you inspiring today? And, how are you inspiring them?

The questions may seem simple and to some, they may even appear trivial. The ramifications are great for those around us. We should strive to inspire others and ensure that inspiration is positive. We must ensure that our world is not simple a take-take scenario. Be responsible, give back. It is through the inspiration we give others that we will truly grow our craft and the world around us.

Without positive inspiration where would we be? Lost in the Chaos.

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